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Grade 6 McGraw Hill Glencoe - Answer Keys
Chapter 11:Statistical Measures;Lesson 1:Mean

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  • Question 5 (request help)

    A stem-and-leaf plot is a display that organizes data from least to greatest. The digits of the least place value form the leaves, and the next place-value digits form the stems. The stem-and-leaf plot shows Marcia's scores on several tests. Find the mean test score.

  • Mean test score:   
  • Question 6 (request help)

    Multiple Representations The graphic shows the 5 -day forecast
    a. Numbers What is the difference between the mean high and mean low temperature for this 5 -day period? Justify your answer.

  • The difference between the mean high and mean low:   
  • Question 6 (request help)

     b. Graph Make a double-line graph of the high and low temperatures for the 5 -day period.

H.O.T. Problems Higher Order Thinking

  • Question 7 (request help)

    Reason Abstractly Create a data set that has five values.The mean of the data set should be 34.

  • Type below:
  • Question 8 (request help)

    Persevere with Problems The mean of a set of data is 45 years. Find the missing numbers in the data set {40, 45, 48, ?, 54,?, 45}. Explain the method or strategy you used.

  • Question 9 (request help)

    Reason Inductively If 99 students had a mean quiz score of 82, how much is the mean score increased by the addition of a single score of 99? Explain.

  • The mean score has increased by:   

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