Homework Explained - Math Practice 101

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Grade 7 McGraw Hill Glencoe - Answer Keys

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  • Question 10 (request help)

    At Tire Depot, a pair of new tires sells for $216. The manager's special advertises the same tires selling at a rate of $380 for 4 tires. How much do you save per tire if you purchase the manager's special?

  • You save: $   per tire

 H.O.T. Problems Higher Order Thinking

  • Question 11 (request help)

    Use Math Tools Find examples of grocery item prices in a newspaper, on television, or on the Internet. Compare unit prices of two different brands of the same item. Explain which item is the better buy.

  • Question 12 (request help)

    Find the Error Seth is trying to find the unit price for a package of blank compact discs on sale at 10 for $5.49. Find his mistake and correct it.

  • $    

Persevere with Problems Determine whether each statement is sometimes, always or never true. Give an example or a counterexample.

  • Question 15 (request help)

    Justify Conclusions A  96-ounce container of orange Juice costs $4.80. At what price should a 128-ounce container be sold in order for the unit rate for both containers to be the same? Explain your reasoning.

  • $    

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