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Ratios and Rates - Test 2
Keywords: Common Core, Ratios and Rates

  • Question 1

    A class has 6 boys and 15 girls. What is the ratio of boys to girls?

  • boys to girls:
  • Question 2

    The table shows the number of books Salvador has read. Find the ratio of mystery books to the total. Explain its meaning.

  • mystery books to total books:
  • Question 3

  • Question 4

  • soccer balls : footballs ratio
  • Question 5

    An animal shelter has 36 kittens and 12 puppies available for adoption. What is the ratio of puppies to kittens?

  • puppies : kittens ratio
  • Question 6

    Find the ratio of black cell phone covers sold to the total number of cell phone covers sold last week. Then explain its meaning.

  • black covers : total covers ratio
  • Question 7

    The tabel shows the number of each type of sports card that Jaclyn has collected

    Write the ration in simplest form that compares the number of basketball cards to the total number of cards.

  • basketball cards : total cards ratio
  • Question 8

    Everett made \( \large \frac{3}{5}\) of the baskets he shot. Suppose he shot 60 baskets. How many did he make?

  •    shots
  • Question 9

    There are 36 students in Mrs. Keaton's sixth grade class. If \( \frac{5}{12}\) her students are girls, how many girls are in the class?

  •    girls

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