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Ratios and Rates - Test 3
Keywords: Common Core, Ratios and Rates

Write each rate as a unit rate.

  • Question 1

    72 ounces in 6 steaks

  • Question 2

    162 water bottles in 9 cases

  • Question 3

    Marcella divided 40.8 gallons of paint among 8 containers. How much paint is in each container? 

  • gallons per container
  • Question 4

    Central Subs made 27 sandwiches using 12 pounds of turkey. How much turkey was used per sandwich?

  • pounds per sandwich
  • Question 5

    Carrie planted 48 tulips in 12 minutes. How many tulips did she plant per minute?

  •    tulips per minute
  • Question 6

    Vinnie decorated 72 cookies in 36 minutes. How many cookies did he decorate per minute?

  •    cookies per minute
  • Question 7

    Alana biked 45 miles in 3 hours. How many miles did she bike per hour?

  •    miles per hour
  • Question 8

    A Ruby Throated Hummingbird beats its wings 159 times in 3 seconds. How many times does the Ruby Throated Hummingbird beat its wings per second?

  •    beats per second

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