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Ratios and Rates - Test 4
Keywords: Common Core, Ratios and Rates

  • Question 1

    Four students spent $12 in school lunch. At this rate find the amount 10 students would spend in the same school lunch.

  • $    
  • Question 2

    A Clydesdale drinks about 120 gallons of water every 4 days. At this rate, about how many gallons of water does a Clydesdale drink in 28 days?

  •     gallons of water
  • Question 3

    Jenny is comparing the cost of two packages of socks. One package has 8 pairs of socks for $12. Another package has 3 pairs of socks for $6. Are the rates equivalent? Explain your reasoning.

  • Question 4

    Jade enlarged the photograph at the right to a poster. The size of the poster is 60 inches by 100 inches. Is the ratio of the poster's length and width equivalent to the ratio of the photograph's length and width? Explain your reasoning.

  • Question 5

    Liliana takes 4 breaths per 10 seconds during yoga. At this rate, about how many breaths would Liliana take in 2 minutes of yoga?

  •     breaths
  • Question 6

    If 15 baseballs weigh 75 ounces, how many baseballs weigh 15 ounces?

  •     baseballs
  • Question 7

    Fenton is building a model of a living room. The model sofa is 16 inches long and 7 inches deep. The real sofa's dimensions are 80 inches long and 35 inches deep. Is the ratio of the model's dimensions equivalent to the ratio of the real sofa's dimensions? Explain your reasoning.

  • Question 8

    For a store contest, 4 out of every 65 people who visit the store will receive a free DVD. If 455 people visit the store, how many DVDs were given away?

  •     DVDs
  • Question 9

    Store A sells 12 juice bottles for $4 and store B sells 18 juice bottles for $6. Are the rates equivalent? Explain your reasoning.

  • Question 10

    A chef buys 9 cucumbers, 18 peppers, and 21 tomatoes at the farmer's market. How much does she spend?

  • $   

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