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Functions and Inequalities - Test 1
Keywords: Common Core, Functions and Inequalities

Determine which number is a solution of the inequality.

  • Question 1

    1 + f < 7;    5, 6, 7

  • Question 2

    g - 3 > 4;    6, 7, 8


Is the given value a solution of the inequality?

  • Question 3

    q — 2 > 16,    q = 20

  • Question 4

    t - 7 < 10,    t = 28

  • Question 5

    The table shows the number of different types of roller coasters in the United States. An amusement park wants to build a new roller coaster. They will only build a roller coaster if there are less than 10 of that type in the United States. Use the inequality r < 10, where r is the number of a certain type of roller coaster, to  determine which type(s) can be built.

  • Question 6

    The table shows the number of different types of movies in Laves collection. He wants to buy a new movie to add to his collection. He only wants to buy a movie  if he already has more than 15 movies of that type. Use the inequality m > 15, where m is the number of the type of movie, to determine which type(s) he can buy.

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  • Question 7

    The number of text messages Lelah sent each month is shown in the table. She can send no more than 55 messages each month without being charged. Use the  inequality t ≤ 55, where t is the number of text messages in a month, to determine in which months she exceeded her limit. If each additional text costs $0.25, how much was Lelah charged from January to April?

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