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Grade 7 McGraw Hill Glencoe - Answer Keys
Chapter 8: Measure Figures; Lesson 1: Circumference

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Find the radius or diameter of each circle with the given dimensions.

Find the circumference of each circle. Use 3.14 or \(\frac{22}{7}\) for \(\pi\). Round to the nearest tenth if necessary.

  • Question 7 (request help)

    The largest tree in the world by volume is  in Sequoia National Park. The diameter at the base is 36 feet. If a person with outstretched arms can reach 6 feet, how many people would it take to reach around the base of the tree?

  •    people
  • Question 8 (request help)

    The Belknap shield volcano is located in the Cascade Range in Oregon. The volcano is circular and has a diameter of 5 miles. What is the circumference of this volcano. Round your answer to the nearest tenth?

  • \(C\approx\)    \(\text{miles}\)
  • Question 9 (request help)

    Be Precise Refer to the circle at the right.

    a. Find the circumference of the circle. Use 3 as the estimate of \(\pi\).

  • \(C\approx\)    \(\text{mm}\)
  • Question 9 (request help)

    b. Find the circumference of the circle using 3.14 for \(\pi\).

  • \(C\approx\)    \(\text{mm}\)
  • Question 9 (request help)

    c. Another estimate of \(\pi\) is 3.14159. Find the circumference using this estimate.

  • \(C\approx\)    \(\text{mm}\)
  • Question 9 (request help)

    d. What do you notice about the estimate used for \(\pi\) and the circumference of the circle?

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