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Grade 7 McGraw Hill Glencoe - Answer Keys
Chapter 7: Geometric Figures; Chapter Review

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  • Question 1 (request help)

    On a trip, Juan bought the kite shown at the right. Identify a pair of vertical angles and adjacent angles.

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  • Question 2 (request help)

    Angle \(\angle Y\) and \(\angle Z\) are complementary, and the measure of \(\angle Z\) is 35°. What is the measure of \(\angle Y\)?

  • \(\angle Y=\)    \(^0\)
  • Question 3 (request help)

    Maddie entered her design for an environmental club flag in the school contest. What is the value of x in her flag?

  • Question 4 (request help)

    The scale on a drawing of a bullfrog is 2 centimeters = 25 millimeters. What is the actual length of the bullfrog if the model length is 11 centimeters?

  •    \(\text{mm}\)
  • Question 5 (request help)

    Model with Mathematics Draw a top, a side, and a front view of a rectangular table.

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  • Question 6 (request help)

    Lena is decorating the figure at the right. She is covering the faces with fabric and attaching ribbon to its edges. Identify the figure. Then name the faces and edges. 
    figure name:

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