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Grade 8 HMH Go Math - Answer Keys
Chapter 6: Functions; Mixed Review

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Selected Response

  • Question 1 (request help)

    Which table shows a proportional function?

    • A
    • B
    • C
    • D
  • Question 2 (request help)

    What is the slope and y-intercept of the function shown in the table?

    • m = -2; b = -4
    • m = -2; b = 4
    • m = 2; b = 4
    • m = 4; b = 2
  • Question 3 (request help)

    The table below shows some input and output values of a function.

    What is the missing output value?

    • 20
    • 21
    • 22
    • 23
  • Question 4 (request help)

    Tom walked to school at a steady pace, met his sister, and they walked home at a steady pace. Describe this graph.

    • V-shaped
    • upside down V-shaped
    • Straight line sloping up
    • Straight line sloping down


  • Question 5 (request help)

    Linear functions can be used to find the price of a building based on its floor area.Below are two of these functions.  

    \(\text{y} = 40\text{x} + 15,000\)

    a. Find and compare the slopes.

  • Type below:
  • Question 5 (request help)

    b. Find and compare the y-intercepts.

  • Type below:
  • Question 5 (request help)

    c. Describe each function as proportional or nonproportional.

  • Type below:

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