Homework Explained - Math Practice 101

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Grade 7 HMH Go Math - Answer Keys

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  • Question 11 (request help)

    Jason, Erik, and Jamie are friends in art class. The teacher randomly chooses 2 of the 21 students in the class to work together on a project. What is the probability that two of these three friends will be chosen?

    • \(\frac{1}{105}\)
    • \(\frac{1}{70}\)
    • \(\frac{34}{140}\)
    • \(\frac{4}{50}\)
  • Question 12 (request help)

    Philip rolls a number cube 12 times. Which is the best prediction for the number of times that he will roll a number that is odd and less than 5?

    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 6
  • Question 13 (request help)

    A survey reveals that one airline’s flights have a 92% probability of being on time. Based on this, out of 4000 flights in a year, how many flights would you predict will arrive on time?

    • 368
    • 386
    • 3680
    • 3860
  • Question 14 (request help)

    Matt’s house number is a two-digit number. Neither of the digits is 0 and the house number is even. What is the probability that Matt’s house number is 18?

    • \(\frac{1}{45}\)
    • \(\frac{1}{36}\)
    • \(\frac{1}{18}\)
    • \(\frac{1}{16}\)


  • Question 15 (request help)

    Laura picked a crayon randomly from a box, recorded the color, and then placed it back in the box. She repeated the process and recorded the results in the table.

    Find each experimental probability. Write your answers in simplest form.

    a. The next crayon Laura picks is red.

  • Question 16 (request help)

    For breakfast, Trevor has a choice of 3 types of bagels (plain, sesame, or multigrain), 2 types of eggs (scrambled or poached), and 2 juices (orange or apple).

    a. Use the space below to make a tree diagram to find the sample space.

  • Type below:
  • Question 16 (request help)

    b. If he chooses at random, what is the probability that Trevor eats a breakfast that has orange juice?

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