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Grade 8 HMH Go Math - Answer Keys
Chapter 11:Angle Relationships in Parallel Lines and Triangles; Mixed Review

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Selected Response

Use the figure for Exercises 1 and 2.

  • Question 1 (request help)

    Which angle pair is a pair of alternate exterior angles?

    • A. \(\angle5\) and \(\angle6\)
    • B. \(\angle6\) and\(\angle7\)
    • C. \(\angle5\) and \(\angle4\)
    • D. \(\angle5\) and \(\angle2\)
  • Question 2 (request help)

    Which of the following angles is not congruent to \(\angle\)3?

    • A. \(\angle1\)
    • B. \(\angle2\)
    • C. \(\angle6\)
    • D. \(\angle8\)
  • Question 3 (request help)

    The measures, in degrees, of the three angles of a triangle are given by 2x + 1, 3x - 3, and 9x. What is the measure of the smallest angle?

    • A. \(13^0\)
    • B. \(27^0\)
    • C. \(36^0\)
    • D. \(117^0\)
  • Question 4 (request help)

    Which is a possible measure of \(\angle DCA\) in the triangle below?

    • A. \(36^0\)
    • B. \(38^0\)
    • C. \(40^0\)
    • D \(70^0\)
  • Question 5 (request help)

    Kaylee wrote in her dinosaur report that the Jurassic period was \(1.75 \times 10^8\) years ago. What is this number written in standard form?

    • A. 1,750,000
    • B. 17,500,000
    • C. 175,000,000
    • D. 17,500,000,000
  • Question 6 (request help)

    Given that y is proportional to x, what linear equation can you write if y is 16 when x is 20?

    • A. y = 20x
    • B. y =\(\frac{5}{4}\) x
    • C. y=\(\frac{4}{5}\)x
    • D. y = 0.6x


  • Question 7 (request help)

    Two transversals intersect two parallel lines as shown.

    a. What is the value of x?

  • x =   
  • Question 7 (request help)

    b. What is the measure of \(\angle LMN\)?

  •    \(^°\)
  • Question 7 (request help)

    c. What is the measure of \(\angle KLM\)?

  • \(\angle KLM = \)   \(^°\)
  • Question 7 (request help)

    d. Which two triangles are similar? How do you know?

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