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Grade 8 HMH Go Math - Answer Keys
Chapter 12:The Pythagorean Theorem; Lesson 1: The Pythagorean Theorem

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  • Question 12 (request help)

    Multistep Main Street and Washington Avenue meet at a right angle. A large park begins at this corner. Joe’s school lies at the opposite corner of the park. Usually Joe walks 1.2 miles along Main Street and then 0.9 miles up Washington Avenue to get to school. Today he walked in a straight path across the park and returned home along the same path. What is the difference in distance between the two round trips? Explain.

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  • Question 13 (request help)

    Analyze Relationships An isosceles right triangle is a right triangle with congruent legs. If the length of each leg is represented by x, what algebraic expression can be used to represent the length of the hypotenuse? Explain your reasoning.

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  • Question 14 (request help)

    Persevere in Problem Solving A square hamburger is centered on a circular bun. Both the bun and the burger have an area of 16 square inches.

    a. How far, to the nearest hundredth of an inch, does each corner of the burger stick out from the bun? Explain.

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  • Question 14 (request help)

    b. How far does each bun stick out from the center of each side of the burger?

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  • Question 14 (request help)

    c. Are the distances in part a and part b equal? If not, which sticks out more, the burger or the bun? Explain.

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