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Two-Dimensional Shapes - Test 1
Keywords: Common Core, Two-Dimensional Shapes

Write how many line segments the shape has.

  • Question 1

  •    line segments
  • Question 2

  •    line segments
  • Question 3

  •    line segments
  • Question 4

    The shape of a fish pond at a park is shown below. Is the shape open or closed?

  • Question 5

    How many line segments does this shape have?

    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
  • Question 6

    Which of these is part of a line, has one endpoint, and continues in one direction?

    • ray
    • line
    • line segment
    • point

Use the corner of a sheet of paper to tell whether the angle is a right angle, less than a right angle, or greater than a right angle.

  • Question 7

  • Question 8


Write how many of each type of angle the shape has.

  • Question 9

  •    right
       less than a right
       greater than a right
  • Question 10

  •    right
       less than a right
       greater than a right

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