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Two-Dimensional Shapes - Test 2
Keywords: Common Core, Two-Dimensional Shapes

  • Question 1

    Jeff has a square piece of art paper. He cuts across it from one corner to the opposite corner to make two pieces. What is the total number of sides and angles in both of the new shapes?

  •    sides
  • Question 2

    Kaylee tells Aimee that the shape of a stop sign has at least one right angle. Aimee says that there are no right angles. Who is correct? Explain.

  • Question 3

    What describes this angle?

    • right angle
    • less than a right angle
    • greater than a right angle
    • small angle
  • Question 4

    How many right angles does this shape have?

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4

Is the shape a polygon? Write yes or no.

  • Question 5

  • Question 6

  • Question 7

  • Question 8

    Mr. Murphy has an old coin that has ten sides. If its shape is a polygon, how many angles does the old coin have?

  •    angles
  • Question 9

    Lin says that an octagon has six sides. Chris says that it has eight sides. Whose statement is correct?

  •    statement
  • Question 10

    Which is a name for this polygon?

    • hexagon
    • octagon
    • quadrilateral
    • pentagon

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