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Fraction Equivalence and Comparison - Test 1
Keywords: Common Core, Fraction Equivalence and Comparison

Tell whether the fractions are equivalent. Write = or ≠.

  • Question 1
  • \(\large \frac{8}{10}\)   \(\large \frac{4}{5}\)
  • Question 2
  • \(\large \frac{1}{2}\)   \(\large \frac{7}{12}\)
  • Question 3
  • \(\large \frac{3}{4}\)   \(\large \frac{8}{12}\)
  • Question 4

    A rectangle is divided into 8 equal parts. Two parts are shaded. Which fraction is equivalent to the shaded area of the rectangle?

    • \(\large\frac{1}{4}\)
    • \(\large \frac{1}{3}\)
    • \(\large\frac{2}{6}\)
    • \(\large\frac{3}{4}\)
  • Question 5

    Jeff uses 3 fifth-size strips to model \(\frac{3}{5}\) . He wants to use tenth-size strips to model an equivalent fraction. How many tenth-size strips will he need?

    • 10
    • 6
    • 5
    • 3
  • Question 6

    Jessie colored a poster. She colored \(\large \frac{2}{5}\) of the poster red. Which fraction is equivalent to \(\large \frac{2}{5}\) ?

    • \(\large \frac{4}{10}\)
    • \(\large \frac{7}{10}\)
    • \(\large \frac{4}{5}\)
    • \(\large \frac{2}{2}\)
  • Question 7

    Marcus makes a punch that is \(\large \frac{1}{4}\) cranberry juice. Which two fractions are equivalent to \(\large \frac{1}{4}\) ?

    • \(\large \frac{2}{5}\), \(\large \frac{3}{12}\)
    • \(\large \frac{2}{8}\), \(\large \frac{4}{12}\)
    • \(\large \frac{3}{4}\), \(\large \frac{6}{8}\)
    • \(\large \frac{2}{8}\), \(\large \frac{3}{12}\)

Write the fraction in simplest form.

  • Question 8
  • \(\large \frac{6}{8}\) =
  • Question 9
  • \(\large \frac{2}{6}\) =
  • Question 10

    At Memorial Hospital, 9 of the 12 babies born on Tuesday were boys. In simplest form, what fraction of the babies born on Tuesday were boys?


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