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Fraction Equivalence and Comparison - Test 2
Keywords: Common Core, Fraction Equivalence and Comparison

  • Question 1

    Six out of the 12 members of the school choir are boys. In simplest form, what fraction of the choir is boys?

    • \(\large \frac{1}{6}\)
    • \(\large \frac{6}{12}\)
    • \(\large \frac{1}{2}\)
    • \(\large \frac{12}{6}\)
  • Question 2

    Which of the following fractions is in simplest form?

    • \(\large \frac{5}{6}\)
    • \(\large \frac{6}{8}\)
    • \(\large \frac{8}{10}\)
    • \(\large \frac{2}{12}\)
  • Question 3

    Adam drew two same size rectangles and divided them into the same number of equal parts. He shaded \(\large \frac{1}{3}\) of one rectangle and \(\large \frac{1}{4}\) of other rectangle. What is the least number of parts into which both rectangles could be divided?


Tell whether the fractions are equivalent. Write = or ≠.

  • Question 4
  • \(\large \frac{1}{2}\)   \(\large \frac{2}{5}\)
  • Question 5
  • \(\large \frac{1}{2}\)   \(\large \frac{3}{6}\)
  • Question 6

    Which of the following is a common denominator of \(\large \frac{1}{4}\) and \(\large \frac{5}{6}\) ?

    • 8
    • 9
    • 12
    • 15
  • Question 7

    Two fractions have a common denominator of 8. Which of the following could be the two fractions?

    • \(\large \frac{1}{2}\) and \(\large \frac{2}{3}\)
    • \(\large \frac{1}{4}\) and \(\large \frac{1}{2}\)
    • \(\large \frac{3}{4}\) and \(\large \frac{1}{6}\)
    • \(\large \frac{1}{2}\) and \(\large \frac{4}{5}\)
  • Question 8

    Ms. Groves has trays of paints for students in her art class. Each tray has 5 colors. One of the colors is purple. What fraction of the colors in 20 trays is purple?

  • Question 9

    A used bookstore will trade 2 of its books for 3 of yours. If Val brings in 18 books to trade, how many books can she get from the store?


    • 9
    • 12
    • 18
    • 27
  • Question 10

    Every \(\large \frac{1}{2}\) hour Naomi stretches her neck; every \(\large \frac{1}{3}\) hour she stretches her legs; and every \(\large \frac{1}{6}\) hour she stretches her arms. Which parts of her body will Naomi stretch when \(\large \frac{2}{3}\) of an hour has passed?

    • neck and legs
    • neck and arms
    • legs and arms
    • none

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