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Add and Subtract Fractions - Test 2
Keywords: Common Core, Add and Subtract Fractions

  • Question 1

    Mary Jane has \(\frac{3}{8}\) of a medium pizza left. Hector has \(\frac{2}{8}\) of another medium pizza left. How much pizza do they have altogether?

    • \(\large \frac{1}{8}\)
    • \(\large \frac{4}{8}\)
    • \(\large \frac{5}{8}\)
    • \(\large \frac{6}{8}\)
  • Question 2

    Jeannie ate \(\frac{1}{4}\) of an apple. Kelly ate \(\frac{2}{4}\) of the apple. How much did they eat in all?

    • \(\large \frac{1}{4}\)
    • \(\large \frac{2}{8}\)
    • \(\large \frac{3}{8}\)
    • \(\large \frac{3}{4}\)
  • Question 3
  • \(\large \frac{3}{4}-\frac{1}{4} = \)
  • Question 4
  • \(\large \frac{5}{6}-\frac{1}{6} = \)
  • Question 5

    Lee reads for \(\frac{3}{4}\) hour in the morning and \(\frac{2}{4}\) hour in the afternoon. How much longer does Lee read in the morning than in the afternoon?

    • 5 hours
    • \(\large \frac{5}{4}\) hours
    • \(\large \frac{4}{4}\) hours
    • \(\large \frac{1}{4}\) hours
  • Question 6

    Which equation does the model below represent?

    • \(\large \frac{3}{6}-\frac{2}{6}=\frac{1}{6}\)
    • \(\large \frac{2}{6}-\frac{1}{6}=\frac{1}{6}\)
    • \(\large \frac{5}{6}-\frac{3}{6}=\frac{2}{6}\)
    • \(\large 1-\frac{3}{6}=\frac{3}{6}\)
  • Question 7
  • \(\large 1-\frac{3}{8} = \)
  • Question 8
  • \(\large \frac{1}{4} + \frac{2}{4} = \)
  • Question 9

    Guy finds how far his house is from several locations and makes the table shown. How much farther away from Guy’s house is the library than the cafe?

  • Question 10

    If Guy walks from his house to school and back, how far does he walk?


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