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Add and Subtract Fractions - Test 3
Keywords: Common Core, Add and Subtract Fractions

  • Question 1

    Write the mixed number as a fraction: \(\large 4\frac{1}{3}\)

  • Question 2

    Stacey filled her \(\frac{1}{2}\) cup measuring cup seven times to have enough flour for a cake recipe. How much flour does the cake recipe call for?

    • \(\large 3\) cups
    • \(\large 3\frac{1}{2}\) cups
    • \(\large 4\) cups
    • \(\large 4\frac{1}{2}\) cups
  • Question 3

    Find the sum. Write the sum as a mixed number, so the fractional part is less than 1.

    \( {\begin{array}{c}\color{white}+4\frac{1}{2}\\+2\frac{1}{2}\end{array}}\)

  • Question 4

    Brad has two lengths of copper pipe to fit together. One has a length of \(2\frac{5}{12}\) feet and the other has a length of \(3\frac{7}{12}\) feet. How many feet of pipe does he have in all?

    • \(\large 5\) feet
    • \(\large 5\frac{6}{12}\) feet
    • \(\large 5\frac{10}{12}\) feet
    • \(\large 6\) feet
  • Question 5

    \( {\begin{array}{c}\color{white}+5\frac{1}{4}\\-2\frac{3}{4}\end{array}}\)

  • Question 6

    Reggie is making a double-layer cake. The recipe for the first layer calls for \(2\frac{1}{4}\) cups sugar. The recipe for the second layer calls for \(1\frac{1}{4}\) cups sugar. Reggie has 5 cups of sugar. How much will he have left after making both recipes?

    • \(\large 1\frac{1}{4}\) cups
    • \(\large 1\frac{2}{4}\) cups
    • \(\large 2\frac{1}{4}\) cups
    • \(\large 2\frac{2}{4}\) cups
  • Question 7


  • Question 8

    Harry works at an apple orchard. He picked \(45\frac{7}{8}\) pounds of apples on Monday. He picked \(42\frac{3}{8}\) pounds of apples on Wednesday. He picked \(54\frac{1}{8}\) pounds of apples on Friday. How many pounds of apples did Harry pick those three days?

    • \(\large 132\frac{3}{8}\) pounds
    • \(\large 141\frac{3}{8}\) pounds
    • \(\large 142\frac{1}{8}\) pounds
    • \(\large 142\frac{3}{8}\) pounds
  • Question 9

    Val walks \(\large 2\frac{3}{5}\) miles each day. Bill runs 10 miles once every 4 days. In 4 days, who covers the greater distance?

  • Question 10

    Karyn cuts a length of ribbon into 4 equal pieces, each \(1\frac{1}{4}\) feet long. How long was the ribbon?

    • \(\large 4\) feet
    • \(\large 4\frac{1}{4}\) feet
    • \(\large 5\) feet
    • \(\large 5\frac{1}{4}\) feet

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