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Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers - Test 3
Keywords: Common Core, Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers

  • Question 1

    A Wilson’s Storm Petrel is a small bird with a wingspan of \(1\frac{1}{3}\) feet. A California Condor is a larger bird with a wingspan almost 7 times as wide as the wingspan of the petrel. About how wide is the wingspan of the California Condor?

    • \(\large \frac{4}{21}\) foot
    • \(\large 2\frac{1}{3}\) feet
    • \(\large 7\frac{1}{3}\) feet
    • \(\large 9\frac{1}{3}\) feet
  • Question 2

    The walking distance from the Empire State Building in New York City to Times Square is about \(\frac{9}{10}\) mile. The walking distance from the Empire State Building to Sue’s hotel is about 8 times as far. About how far is Sue’s hotel from the Empire State Building?

    • \(\large \frac{9}{80}\) mile
    • \(\large \frac{72}{80}\) mile
    • \(\large 1\frac{7}{10}\) miles
    • \(\large 7\frac{2}{10}\) miles
  • Question 3

    Which of the following expressions is NOT equal to \(3\times2\frac{1}{4}\)?

    • \(\large 3\times\frac{9}{4}\)
    • \(\large (3\times2)+(3\times\frac{1}{4})\)
    • \(\large 6\frac{3}{4}\)
    • \(\large3\times2+\frac{1}{4}\)
  • Question 4

    At a bake sale, Ron sells \(\frac{7}{8}\) of an apple pie and \(\frac{5}{8}\) of a cherry pie. Altogether, how much pie does he sell at the bake sale?

    • \(\large \frac{2}{8}\)
    • \(\large \frac{12}{16}\)
    • \(\large \frac{12}{8}\)
    • \(\large \frac{35}{8}\)
  • Question 5

    On a ruler, which measurement is between \(\frac{3}{16}\) inch and \(\frac{7}{8}\) inch?

    • \(\large \frac{1}{16}\) inch
    • \(\large \frac{1}{8}\) inch
    • \(\large \frac{11}{16}\) inch
    • \(\large \frac{15}{16}\) inch
  • Question 6

    Which of the following numbers is composite?

    • 4
    • 3
    • 2
    • 1

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