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Grade 6 McGraw Hill Glencoe - Answer Keys
Chapter 4: Multiply and Divide Fractions;Lesson 1: Estimate Products of Fractions

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Guided Practice

Estimate each product. Use a bar diagram if  needed.

  • Question 2 (request help)
  • \(\large\frac{2}{5}\text{ of } 26\approx \)   
  • Question 3 (request help)
  • \(\large\frac{1}{5}\times\large\frac{8}{9}\approx\)   
  • Question 4 (request help)
  • \(\large6\frac{2}{3}\times\large4\frac{1}{5}\approx\)   
  • Question 5 (request help)

    A border is made of \(32\frac{2}{3}\) bricks that are \(1\frac{1}{6}\) feet long.About how long  is the border?      

  • Question 6 (request help)

    A kitchen measures \(\large24\frac{1}{6}\) feet by \(\large9\frac{2}{3}\) feet. Estimate the area of the kitchen.

  • Question 7 (request help)

    Building on the Essential Question Why is estimating products of fractions useful?

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