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Grade 6 McGraw Hill Glencoe - Answer Keys
Chapter 3: Compute with Multi-Digit Numbers; Chapter Review

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Problem Solving

  • Question 1 (request help)

    A car travels 57.9 miles per hour for 3.2 hours. Estimate the number of miles driven.

  • about   miles
  • Question 2 (request help)

    A loaf of bread costs $1.79. How much would five loaves cost?

  • Question 3 (request help)

    What is the area of the base of the fountain below?

  • A =    square feet
  • Question 4 (request help)

    A marathon race is 26.2 miles long. Lacey ran the marathon in 3.6 hours. On average, how many miles did she run per hour? Round to the nearest tenth.

  • about   miles per hour
  • Question 5 (request help)

    The speed of light is 1.86 × 100,000 miles per second. Write this number in standard form.

  • Type below:
  • Question 7 (request help)

    Use Math Tools The table shows the height of members of Evan’s family. His sister, Cindy, is 0.8 times his height. Which is a reasonable height for Cindy: about 4 feet, 4.5 feet, or 6 feet? Explain.

  •    ft.

Calorie Counter

Juan is calculating how many Calories he consumes in a day. Through Internet research, he determines that a person his age should consume 68,820 Calories per month.

Write your answers on another piece of paper. Show all of your work to receive full credit.

  • Question 8 (request help)

    Part A

    Based on a 31-day month, how many Calories should Juan consume in a day?

  •     calories in a day
  • Question 8 (request help)

    Part B

    Juan wants to eat fewer than 800 Calories at lunch. The table shows the menu at the school cafeteria with the Calorie totals listed for each item. Find two different meal options for Juan to choose for lunch. Then find the cost for each meal.

  • Type below:
  • Question 8 (request help)

    Part C

    Juan has a budget of $20.00 for lunch each week. Choose one of the meals from Part B for Juan's lunch on Monday. How much does he have left for the rest of the week? How much could he spend each remaining day, if he spends the same amount each day?

  •  per day
  • Question 8 (request help)

    Part D

    On game day, the entire basketball team eats together. There are 12 players onthe team. Each player eats two slices of pizza, carrots, and a cookie. Find the total cost of the team's lunch.


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