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Grade 8 HMH Go Math - Answer Keys
Chapter 2:Exponents and Scientific Notation; Lesson 1:Integer Exponents

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  Independent Practice  

  • Question 21 (request help)

    Explain why the exponents cannot be added in the product \(12^ 3 \cdot 11^ 3 \).

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  • Question 22 (request help)

    List three ways to express \(3^ 5\) as a product of powers.

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  • Question 23 (request help)


    The distance from Earth to the moon is about \(22^ 4 \) miles. The distance from Earth to Neptune is about \(22^ 7 \) miles. Which distance is the greater distance and about how many times greater is it?

  •     times
  • Question 24 (request help)

    Critique Reasoning

    A student claims that  \(8^3 \cdot  8^{-5} \) is greater than 1. Explain whether the student is correct or not.


Find the missing exponent.

  • Question 28 (request help)

    Communicate Mathematical Ideas

    Why do you subtract exponents when dividing powers with the same base?

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  • Question 29 (request help)


    The mass of the Sun is about \(2 \times 10^ {27}\) metric tons, or \(2 \times 10^ {30}\) kilograms. How many kilograms are in one metric ton?

  •     kgs in one metric ton
  • Question 30 (request help)

    Represent Real-World Problems

    In computer technology, a kilobyte is \(2^{10}\) bytes in size. A gigabyte is \(2^{ 30}\) bytes in size. The size of a terabyte is the product of the size of a kilobyte and the size of a gigabyte. What is the size of a terabyte?

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