Homework Explained - Math Practice 101

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Grade 8 McGraw Hill Glencoe - Answer Keys

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  Chapter Review  

  Vocabulary Check  

Complete each sentence using the vocabulary list at the beginning of the chapter. Then circle the word that completes the sentence in the word search.

  • Question 1 (request help)

    1. Data with one variable are called _____.

    2. _____ is the ratio of the value of a subtotal to the value of the total.

    3. Data with two variables are called _____.

    4. Data that can be measured are _____.

    5. The _____ uses numbers to characterize a set of data.

    6. A _____ shows the relationship between data graphed as ordered pairs on the coordinate plane.

    7. In a scatter plot, the _____ fit is close to most of the data points on the coordinate plane.

    8. The arrangement of data values is called a _____.

    9. When the left side of a distribution looks like the right side, the distribution is _____.

    10. Data that can be observed or described are _____.

    11. A _____ shows data that pertain to two different categories.

    12. The _____ is a numerical value that shows how the data deviated from the mean.

    13. The average distance between each data value and the mean is called the _____.

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